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More "Swartzie" Stuff

Here's some other photos that I think are worth putting up here. Some pretty interesting shots. I did a lot of work for some pretty fine people who weren't fortunate enough to make the "Big Time" too. I'll be putting their stuff up here too, but for now I want to just stick to some pretty descent looking signage on some of my more noteworthy work.

This was Charlie Swartz's 1983 entry into the World 100 at Eldora in Rossburg, Ohio.

This is what we took to Pennsboro, West Virginia for the 1983 World Championship. This is what it looked like before they told Charlie, "Yes we know it's within the rules but that wasn't the intent of the rule. Cut it off!"

This is what it looked like after we cut it off and I relettered it at the track, dirt & all!