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My Older Daughter... Carrie Lee Porter

Here's Carrie Lee. She was my first born whom I love very much. She's the nurturing type. When she was very young I saw in her a very smart person who read all the time. She played dress up with her dolls and styled their hair over and over again. You could just tell she posessed the need to have children and love them and do the creative hair thing with them. She did!
She hasn't had it easy in her life but she went to school and became a hairdresser and worked in a big name salon for several years till burn-out set in. These days she works for a bank but more than that, she gave me the two newest loves of my life.
Chynna Halea and Morgan Savannah.

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Remember when we went Ice Skating, Carrie?

This was always one of my favorite pictures of Carrie and Crissy whilst they were young.Her wedding day to Josh Porter, a  Huntington, West Virgina Fire Fighter.

..and here they are. Carrie, Chynna and Morgan! Carrie is the big one!

Carrie and Chynna crewing at the Mountaineer Balloon Festival

And here's what this is all about! Happy Boy! All these pretty women and breakfast too?

Carrie and her husband, Josh jump in and lend a hand.

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