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My Links Page

I hope you've enjoyed yourself here. I hope you'll find interest in these links I find particularly interresting too.

Bill's Links
Bluner Bill
This Webpage is full of the most commonly asked questions about ballooning and tells all the technical stuff you might want to know. It tells about pricing, has festival information and a whole lot of other stuff!
Will GuthrieS Fine Signs
Gold Leaf lettering, artwork, signs, decals, printed materials, etc. Webpage deticated to the artwork of Bill Scarberry.
My good friend Marcel Fortin's company webpage. Marcel, a major influence on me as a pilot specializes in "homebuilt" lighter-than-air aircraft. You might still find photos of his airship (special shape balloon) and his "One Man." You'll also find his own brand of computer built to your specs. Responsive & Responsible, that's NATCOR.
Kathy's Shack Kathy Schott's homepage. Shows her family, grandchildren, hobbies and links. Still under construction.
Some special friends of mine from Racine, WV. Actually I have lettered a buncha trucks for them. Some of my favorite customers.
Give this time enough to load and you'll see what the weather has done over a period of hours in the midwest and eastern part of our country. This gives me a good picture of what weather is comming my way for a potential flight.
Balloon Federation of America
I have plenty of room to link with you; just ask!

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