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West Virginia's Capitol Dome

In the late 1980's when the dome was gilded, I was the only resident of the State of West Virginia to put 23 Karat Gold on the Capital Dome in Charleston. In the top left picture this is Monos (commonly referred to as "Mr. T" because nobody could pronounce their Greek last name) and George. George was the true artist of the three brothers, he lived in Atlanta. Nick, (not shown) was the equivalent to a green beret in the Greecian army before coming to America. I think he lived in New Jersey. Monos was the businessman of the family and took care of all the promotions and media. He lived in up around Boston as I recall.
In the top right picture this is where I came on the scene. I had worked out on the surface only one day before taking this picture. I had to learn to rappel inside the dome to work on the outside...That was a hoot!

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